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O.H. Armstrong is Nova Scotia’s largest independently owned foodservice company. We are a family business with deep roots in Nova Scotia and a proud commitment to local. Company owner, Jerry Hiltz grew up in rural Nova Scotia. He has seen firsthand how locals, doing business with locals, is a sustainable business model that brings more benefits to Nova Scotians.


Our philosophy has always been simple – stay independent, offer customers as many choices as possible, offer as much product from local producers and suppliers as possible, while creating good local jobs and staying true to our roots. When we do this, more money stays here circulating in the local economy instead of leaving our province. O.H. Armstrong’s partner company, Eastern Meat Purveyors operates under the same beliefs. Together, we provide customers with a strong, homegrown option for all of their foodservice needs. We are independent. This gives us total buying freedom and the opportunity to offer our customers more local and regional choices than the other guys.

We are proud to keep the tradition of made in Nova Scotia alive and well. We offer our own O.H. Armstrong smoked and cured pork products and our custom-cut Eastern Meat Purveyors beef products. Our operations employ more than 100 Nova Scotians. When we make business decisions, we make them with 100 families – our family – in mind. We are proud that many of our employees have been with us for 15 to 30 plus years, and many of our customers for just as long. In a fiercely competitive industry where giant multi-nationals prefer to buy loyalty with a cheque, we prefer to focus on providing value, honesty and service every day.


O.H. Armstrong started in the early 1900’s with a focus on local. Today, we operate three facilities in the province – one warehouse in Kingston (60,000 sq. ft.), one warehouse in Halifax (25,000 sq. ft.) and a 10,000 sq. ft. cross-docking/shipping facility in Sydney. Our reach is Atlantic Canada wide, our resources are focused on servicing independents and our commitment to local is stronger than ever.


The Ideal Mix of Benefits.

Focused on Atlantic Canada

We are from here and our people are here in Nova Scotia. When our customers need us we are ready to respond, and they get real service from our sales people on the ground, not routed to a call centre somewhere. We are incredibly proud to create local jobs and support local producers through our Made Here commitment to offer more Nova Scotia made products than anyone else. We’re also proud to keep money in our economy through our 100% Nova Scotian ownership of operations. No matter what you buy from paper towel to pepperoni, when you buy from us, your money stays in Nova Scotia. Because if we can work with our customers to maximize the benefits of doing business locally, everybody wins.


Top Quality

Our three facilities are modern, our delivery fleet of 18 trucks and trailers are all temperature controlled and our meat processing facilities are fully inspected. We are also NSF – GFTC Gold Standard certified. Whether it is a product we process ourselves, or a brand that we distribute, quality and value are two things our customers can always count on, plus we do not change our standards from supplier to supplier. International brand or small producer, if the goods are not good, then we will not sell them.

Independently Owned

Being independent gives us more freedom and flexibility to develop and offer solutions that are truly suited to your needs. We are not nearly as restricted in the products we can offer, or who we buy from. This gives our customers the most choices including the widest variety of made in Nova Scotia products, regional brands and national and international choices. We buy the products you want to buy, not the products we want to sell you. Since when has more choice been a bad thing? Our customers really appreciate it.


Our coverage is province-wide and our resources are focused on servicing independents. Our affiliation with two national buying groups increases our buying power, while our relationships with local suppliers give our customers access to a wider selection of local at competitive prices. No pricing games, no bait and switch, just honest to goodness value that will help your bottom line.


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